who is dro?



“We got the flavors”


We are weed snobs.


Our obsession starts with the flavor,  its what we desire, we have spent the last several years curating genetics from all over the US, and we are not stopping there.  We have personally selected over 40 genetics unique to the state of Colorado via pheno hunts or curated cuts from our favorite breeders.


We get high on our own supply – no doubt.


To us – Cannabis is an all-natural plant that is genetically superior to the rest. Our flower is cultivated in a state-of-the-art indoor facility by highly experienced growers who operate in clean-controlled environments, utilizing the finest natural ingredients.


Our exclusive partner in Colorado is The Cannabis Brothers whos team has decades of growing experience in the legacy market. Our flower is grown under LED lights for maximum terp levels. In our expert opinion this results in a more robust flower. Increasing the user's experience. We use a proprietary nutrient blend that brings out the plant's natural terpenes giving our flower a robust flavor.


Our R&D team – composed of product designers, engineers and most importantly connoisseurs – are focused on discovering new ways to continuously improve our products while staying on the cutting edge of cannabis technology.