About Us

We are weed snobs.

We romanticize about it day and night. Our obsession starts with curating some of the world’s most exotic strains, ones that deliver an expected taste and consistent high.

We get high on our own supply - no doubt.

To us - Luxury Cannabis is an all-natural plant that is genetically superior to the rest. Our luxury flower is cultivated in a state-of-the-art climate controlled greenhouse by highly experienced growers who operate in clean environments, utilizing the finest natural ingredients.

All Organic Sun Grown Cannabis

Our partner facility Kings Cannabiz is located 1-mile above sea level - in an undisclosed location of Colorado. The facility is engineered with the cannabis connoisseur in mind, a small batch facility, equipped with state of the art LED and air filtration systems. Each room was constructed using antimicrobial walls and flooring to prevent the formation of pathogens. Because of the intimate setting, our cultivation team is able care for each harvest on a personal level to ensure maximum flavor, potency, and overall health of each plant.

Pesticide Free

In addition to our greenhouses we also cultivate and hand select the cleanest, purest, all natural outdoor available in the state of Colorado.  Pest prevention is taken care of utilizing chickens, goats, and bats.  Zero pesticides are used during any stage of cultivation just the way mother nature intended it to be.


Our R&D team - composed of product designers, engineers and researchers - are focused on discovering new ways on making our products even better while staying on the cutting edge of cannabis technology.